Update on Covid-Kit project and how we are all doing right now.

Hello Friends

Hello Friends!!!   Welcome back to our little corner of the web. How have you all been dealing with this heat and humidity? There has been a bunch of sprinkler and water play outside for

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Say goodbye to June and see what we’ve got coming up for July.

Quarantine Activities

Quarantine Activities Hey everyone!!! We have been a bit absent from our webpage but I can guarantee you that we have been working hard behind the scenes. What have we been up to? A whole

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The “New Normal” in my house is a normal I never thought I would have to navigate around myself. What resources are you using to help your kids through this time?

New Normal

The New Normal The new normal… not at all what I expected it to be. Then again, I am unsure I had a clear picture about what was going to actually happen. I know I

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